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20 August 2021

We took a survey of our members to find out how they felt about their new Boob or Bust size, as well as what is on offer on the UK High Street – here is some of what they said :


of women who felt that their new size was a better fit, went down at least one band size, with


dropping three band sizes or more!

Before being sized by Boob or Bust the average cup size was a 36DD. The new average size of the ladies surveyed was a 32GG!


of women surveyed felt that bras in their new size fit better than their old size

A further 15% of the women surveyed hadn’t tried their size yet!


of women whose new size felt better would prefer to purchase in person from the High Street.

And on average they would be willing to spend between £20 – £30 on a good fitting bra.

How did the retailers do?

Almost 60% of those who responded to the question said they had NEVER had a positive bra fitting experience on the UK high street!

The best performing UK retailer was Bravissimo who had successfully helped 30% of the respondents. Their shops being in limited locations this may account for the smaller than expected number of successful fittings. They were followed by 15% reporting positive fittings in local independent shops,

Now the bad side! Only 10% of the women surveyed said they had never had a bad high street experience, although 10% of them stated that is because they had never been to the high street (mainly because their size wasn’t stocked!)

Almost 70% of respondents had a negative fitting experience with Marks and Spencer and over 50% had a bad fitting experience with Mothercare. Debenhams didn’t fair well either with over 30% having a bad experience.


At time of publication this survey was taken by 1000 women
Author: BOBadmin

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