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Bra Measuring Guide

If you are breastfeeding, please use this guide.

First of all, lets just get some myth busting out of the way:

Symptoms of a poorly fitted bra:

If any of this sounds familiar, or you haven’t been measured in the last year, it’s time to crack out the measuring tape!

So What Size Am I?

The best way to get measured without leaving the house, is to enter the following into our calculator. From there you are welcome to post your measurements into the Boob Or Bust Facebook group for further assistance. The calculator will require the following:

This will get your a STARTING SIZE. You might need to try lots of different bra styles and sizes to get the perfect fit – which we can help you with.

Do ask in Boob Or Bust if you have any questions.

Ideally, it’s worth doing both to get the best idea what your bra size is. Alternatively, Bravissimo or an Independent lingerie specialist are your best bet for a good fit!

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