Fit Check Tips

Need help with a fit check, but don’t want to add photos to the group?

Here is our step by step guide to help you carry out your own Fit Check (Please Note : This is only ever general advice, for more detailed help please speak to us on Facebook).

Step 1 : The Band Test

A bra cannot fit the cups but not the band! It is a common misconception, but you must check the band first.

Put the bra on backwards on the LOOSEST hook (unless you are under 18 or pregnant, then you start on the tightest), just the band, and tuck it right up under your boobs like you would wear the bra normally.

Whilst in place pull the band firmly away (but not so it will ping back) – the ideal amount you want the band to pull, for best support, is around 1 inch.

Band pulls more than an inch and a half?

Unless there is a medical condition that may benefit from a larger band, try down a band and up one and two cups

Band pulls less than 2 fingers flat against your body?

Try up a band in this bra and down one and two cups.

If the band is spot on then move on to the cups