Cup Sizes – It’s easy, isn’t it?

Cup sizes should be easy, find your size and go for that then just adjust the band or cup size accordingly…. yes, that would be great, but what do you do if the shop you’re in doesn’t use standard UK cup sizes?

See our handy table below to work out what size you need in some of the major UK retailers, but do ensure to check the size charts if available before you buy.

Also note that some European brands use 2cm cup sizes and often these have their A cups actually equal to a UK D – definitely check the size charts for these!



Band to Bust Difference Standard UK Cup Sizes Marks & Spencer Asda Tesco Ann Summers Pretty Secrets
available at Simply Be
Some European Sizing
(not 2cm progression)
Often used by bras found on Amazon
US Sizing
Below 1″ AA AA AA AA
1″ A A A A A A A
2″ B B B B B B B B
3″ C C C C C C C C
4″ D D D D D D D D
6″ E E E E E E F DDD or F
7″ F F F F F F G G
8″ FF G G G G G H H
9″ G GG H H I or J I
10″ GG H J J or K J
11″ H J K K or L K
12″ HH K L L or M L
13″ J M or N M
14″ JJ N or O N
15″ K O or P O

In all cases, be sure to double check available sizes in the specific bra you are trying. These are just a guide of the general sizes provided by each retailer.