Fit Check Tips – The Cups

Need help with a fit check, but don’t want to add photos to the group?

Here is our step by step guide to help you carry out your own Fit Check (Please Note : This is only ever general advice, for more detailed help please speak to us on Facebook).

Make sure you have checked The Band Test first.  The cups can only be checked once you’re sure you know the band fits.

Step 2 : The Cups

There can be lots of things going on with the cups that may appear to suggest that the band doesn’t fit or that they are the wrong size.

Ensure the gore (the bit between the cups) is sitting flat against your chest on any wired bras (flexiwire and unwired bras are unlikely to in most cases).  If not, try up a cup as your next step.

Back Fat is the most noticeable and most commented issue we find on the group.  Many think it is down to the band being too tight – Anything below the band we can’t change, but above the band can be a sign the cups are too small.
Have you scooped and swooped from as far round as you can reach? (Have a look in the fit check section of the pinned post to find out more)
If this doesn’t make a difference then check the list below to see if there are any other issues you need to also address.

Not filling the bottom of the cup

Wires uncomfortable under your arm

Cup Gaping

This won’t cover every possibility, but will hopefully give you a start on your way to finding a bra to suit you.
We also have a guide which you may find handy to take with you when trying on in store.