Oh Marks and Spencer, where did it go so wrong?

Marks and Spencer wrong bras

Written by BOBadmin

13 September 2021

So on the 12th July it was reported in The Telegraph that M&S are setting up a panel of shareholders to find out what their customers wanted. Well at Boob or Bust we thought we would help them out!

We opened a poll to our members to get their feedback and this is what they told us in 2 days!

Our survey found that 70% of respondents had a bad fitting experience in M&S, but why? Well firstly they use the old plus 4″ fitting method, which was great when bras didn’t have elastic, but really isn’t needed any more!
With an updated fitting method comes a need for a better range of bras. We have lots of ladies who keep trying to buy their bras at M&S, but with no luck – here is what they said
And even if they want a G, GG or H….. why don’t you do an FF?
And even if they did have success, it would be black, white or nude… no pretty bras for what you class as “big cups”
And need to think about the design options too?
We have had some horror stories reported back about the attitude of some of your staff as well, not just from one store.
And to enable them to improve their service their needs to be some changes in literature and also arming these ladies with additional information on pregnancy, breastfeeding and mastectomy fittings.
Women who have had a mastectomy are reliant on your bras, but you don’t make them big enough for many women and after going through that experience they have the most boring, unflattering bras available to them!
Nursing bras are a large part of what we help fit at Boob or Bust. With the huge risks associated with an ill-fitting bra, we feel this is essential to get right but nursing mums have been through a lot! They need affordable, comfortable, stretchy bras to deal with the changes in their body in those first few weeks, but after that they want to feel supported, comfortable but also themselves! Not just wearing the biggest bra that they have ever seen because it is the only way to easily feed their child.
And finally, the most important fitting for any girl in her life is her first – get the grounding right then and they can be comfortable and supported their whole life. M&S is a trusted brand and store – let us help you get this right!

Tell us about your experience on our Facebook page – or for Bra Measuring advice request to join the Facebook group at Boob or Bust

Author: BOBadmin

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