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REVIEW: 36K Elomi Energise Sports Bra from

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a bra from The bra I chose was the Elomi Energise in size 36K, priced at £38.99. It was sent to me free of  charge in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid to write this.

The Energise is a sports bra. It’s available in white, black, nude and pomegranate (pink). I was sent the black version. I personally haven’t worn a sports bra in years after not being able to find anything that fits well. I am generally between a 36K-LL dependant on brand and fit, so I am usually sized out. So I was interested to see how this might work for me.

The bra arrived very quickly and was well packaged, which was a nice touch. On initial impression, I was hopeful of the fit as it appeared very large in the cups. It’s a lovely firm satiny material with a nice firm and deep band, with 4 hook and eyes. It is a full cup style, with clearly separated cups. The material comes up a couple of inches above the gore, so that it sits higher on the chest. It also has clips on the straps that slide to position, with a hook and eye attached. This is  to turn the bra into a racerback style and offer more support.

On trying on, it needed a good bit of strength to pull the firm band and attach the hook and eyes. Which did make me worry that the band would be uncomfortably tight. Happily I was wrong! It’s a very firm fit but incredibly comfortable. Like a hug ?. The cups are very full and though that can be an issue with my full on top boobs,  with the extra material above the gore, I was fully contained. The bra gives a great lifted and separated look, reminiscent of a 50’s bullet bra style. Which for me was soo much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than the usual squashed in look and feel of most sports bras. The thick straps were easy to adjust too.

I wore the bra for a couple of hrs just around the house to test comfort and then came the big test… jumping! Something I avoid doing at all costs generally, for fear of a black eye and because it’s just such an uncomfortable and even painful thing to do with such large boobs. I don’t think I’ve jumped or ran, without a hand across my boobs holding them down, in years!

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I was soo shocked! I jumped and the girls hardly moved at all!! ? 

Overall I am hugely impressed with this bra. I am yet to try it with the racer back but for me I don’t think it will be needed. I will happily wear this under t shirts for general wear, as well as when I’m more active. It’s a little too high on the chest to wear under anything with a lower neckline everyday, although I wouldn’t let that bother me at the gym. It’s super supportive, comfortable and functional. Everything you need in a bra. I would say that the price tag would have initially made me sceptical but having tried it it’s worth every penny and then some for the relief at the gym. So I would highly recommend it.

Review by Lisa

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£34 at time of review being published (£38.99 RRP).

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