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REVIEW – Ewa Michalak

By Amy L.

Bra S Orzechowa Pralinka

Being at the top end of the British bra scale (on best fitting current bra is a Royce Charlotte nursing bra size 34L) I have been struggling to find a bra that fits, my compromise is a Curvy Kate Portia 34K which I’ve shortened the band on to make a 32Lish bra. So I thought I’d take the plunge and try an Ewa Michalak bra, she makes her bras up to a UK M cup in a very wide variety of band sizes and also styles, there are hundreds to choose from.


I read lots of bra blogs and there are loads of reviews of Ewa Michalak bras, however there is lots of conflicting advice on how to work out what size you need. Given that above a K cup you have to custom order I was a tad nervous, especially as I’m not entirely sure what UK cup size I am. I was in luck though, doing a search of the site there was a ready-made 32LL so I thought I’d give it a go. So i ordered, not my usual style but I’m up for anything [insert bra name here]. It was despatched the next day. I can’t remember the exact price but the total was around £35 (bra cost + postage + admin fee for using PayPal)

The bra arrived. Here are some photos of it with the other bras in my collection to compare.

It is very well constructed, with an excellent attention to detail. It is slightly padded (so no nipple sticking out problems) and the shape is well projected (which helps be look a little slimmer from the front). Ewa Michalak bras come with ‘cookies’ so if your boobs are asymmetric you can even yourself out.

When the bra came I put it on and I was spilling out all over the place it was too small ? However, after some evening cluster feeds I now fit in without boob spill. Even though the band test was almost 2 inches you can see the hooks are straining. In comparison with the other three bras on their tightest hooks they pull out just over 2 inches. So the back is true to size.

Cup wise. Wires are very narrow especially compared with the panache jasmine and don’t come so high in the middle or under my arms so are much more comfy for me, I’ve always found panache bras have too tall wires for me.

I fill out the bottom of the cup well but not the top, I could put 1cm darts in it.

Volume wise I think it is similar to the Jasmine and Portia done up on their tightest hooks so the equivalent, if they went that big as a 32L in both.

Overall, it’s worth taking the plunge. Ewa Michalak has so many beautiful bras for the K+ it’s worth investing in one or two or three or four.

Size wise my advice would be to keep the same back size but go up a cup size especially if you’re breastfeeding (which like well fitting they will add nursing clips).

Available from here.

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