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I’ve been given the opportunity to review a bra from the lovely This is a totally honest review and I have not been paid to write it.

Wellfitting is run by two sisters based in Poland who are on a mission (similarly to Boob or Bust) to help women find their true bra size and perfect fit.

They stand out from the other bra manufacturers in that they offer the biggest range of sizes (including 26 bands and up to O cups (UK ‘K’ cup!) – made available by the fact each one is custom made to order – which means you can ask for a bra to be converted into a nursing bra at no extra cost (although it does make it non-returnable).

Although I had Boob Or Bust at my disposal, I decided I would use the expertise of the Wellfitting sisters to try and find my ‘perfect fit’. I did the measuring in the same way as I would for Boob or Bust and used their calculator, as well as asking for advice via email.

I’m not going to lie, the wait for the bra to arrive is a long one. It takes around a month (which is understandable when you consider the process it has to go through and the distance it has to travel).

Once unboxed, I did a quick ‘quality’ check. The black t-shirt bra feels well made, fabric is of good quality… made me feel a bit better about spending more than I usually would on a bra.

On the day it did arrive, I whipped it straight on. It was definitely a lot more comfortable than a lot of bras I had tried on in various sizes previously. Although I do think we underestimated cup size slightly as I had a little bit of armpit fat poking out!


The band size for these bras tends to be on the tight side (as Wellfitting will tell you on their website) so it’s usually advised to go up a band size if you don’t want it to be uncomfortable. So I did go up a band size and she was right, there’s no way I could go bigger than a 34 in these bras (I can get away with 32s when the cup size is increased with other bras).


I got the bra with nursing clips. The fabric on the bra was not too thick so pulling it down to nurse was very easy. After spending a day in it, I did find the band dug in a bit but I think that was mainly down to underestimating the cup size. Regardless of the slightly ‘off’ fit, I was still able to wear the bra throughout the day without issue.

Aestetically, I find this bra to be a nice midway point between ‘everyday’ and ‘sexy’. It puts my boobs up at a nice perky point and gives me decent – not extreme cleavage.


Taking pictures of your back without the aid of a mirror is REALLY hard.

To conclude, I think what the Wellfitting sisters are trying to do is awesome. I think that them being able to offer 26/28 bands is a BIG selling point as they are few and far between these days! Their bra size calculator is good (better than most high street retailer’s by a long shot) but as with all calculators, there’s still room for error, which is what makes Boob or Bust a really valuable tool. It’s good you can email them for advice and their customer service is great but it’s understandably a bit trickier for them than it is for the Boob or Bust admins (who have lots of input from different people, photos and previous posts to help work out more accurately).

I, personally, in the future, would only buy from Wellfitting if I was already 100% sure of my size and had tried on a fair few bras in that size already (following advice from the Boob or Bust team). Waiting a month to ‘see if it will fit’ isn’t ideal – although for some (I’m looking at you 26/28 bands), there might not be much of a choice. However, if you know your size are looking to find a good quality, everyday bra, that will support your chest nicely, I would definitely invest in a couple. The sizing they use means you have to put that extra bit of thought into what you’re buying though. Make sure you convert using their charts!

Companies like Wellfitting are key in our battle to change perception on ‘normal bra sizes’. Their website supplies the proper, empowering information needed to get women feeling great in their bras again. I just wish they had a physical shop just up the road. That would be perfect!



You ask for them to make it nursing friendly and they’ll convert it for you (for free). It does make it non-returnable though!

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