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20 August 2021

So you have your new Boob or Bust starting size, but what do you do next? If you want to try on in store, this is the guide for you.

Selecting which bras to try

How in store fitters can help

Finding your perfect bra

Section 1: Selecting which bras to try

Bras come in all shapes and styles – if you get either one of these wrong, you may find the bra isn’t right for you.

What size do I need?

This should be the easy bit, but some shops don’t follow standard UK sizing.  Follow the link below to find out more.

What shape do I need?

There is a lot of research you can do on this, but follow the link below for a quick guide on finding the right shape for you.

bra types

Section 2: How in store fitters can help

So we all know some shops still are set on sing Plus 4, but even then their fitters should know what a well fitting bra looks like.

We have some quick tips here, but if you want a second pair of eyes, you can always ask the staff to check the bra for you (once you have it on!)

Section 3: Finding your perfect bra

#1 Check the band first!

The first thing to do when trying any bra on is to try a band test.  Pop the bra on backwards, just the band, and see how far you can pull it away (firmly, but not so the cups dig into your back).  It should pull away no more than an inch.

If you can’t do the band up, or it comes away less than 2 fingers side by side from your body, then try one band size up and two cup sizes down to start.

If you can pull the band away more than an inch, try one band size down and two cup sizes up to start.

bra band test
bra band test

#2 Pop the bra on properly and Scoop & Swoop

Once you have the bra on properly and have scooped and swooped (check out the video below), then this is the time to check the rest of the bra.

Check the Gore first (that’s the bit between the cups).  On a wired bra, this should sit flush against your rib cage (unless you have a medical condition preventing this).  With non wired bras, make sure it isn’t sitting away from your body – it won’t be able to support you then.

On to your back next – do you have any bulges over the back band of the bra?  Do you have “back cleavage”?  If yes, have a go Scooping & Swooping again with the shoulder straps loosened right off – if it moves, carry on checking, if not, you need to try a bigger cup.

If the cup is gaping already and you need a bigger cup, try a different style or brand – this should help.

scoop and swoop bra test

#3 The cups

There are lots of things to check, so starting at the bottom:

Are the wires sitting right up against the line where your boob meets your chest?  If not, and they can’t get in there, then try a bigger cup.

Is your boob sitting right in the bottom of the cup?  If not, try holding the top of the cup and pulling up.  If your boob drops down, then try one cup size down.  If it doesn’t drop down, then go one cup size up.

Are there any folds of fabric in the cup?   If they are just in the top half of the cup, try a different shape.  If they are in the bottom of the cup, try a cup size down

Are the cups gaping at the top, but filling everywhere else?  This is a nice easy one.  If you are filling the bottom of the cup, but not the top half, then try a different style.  Usually aim for Balconette or Plunge if this is the problem.

If you would still like further assistance, please request a fit check on the Facebook Group

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