Bra Measuring Guide

First of all, lets just get some myth busting out of the way:

  • The underwire should be flush against your chest.
  • If you are currently wearing a ‘high’ band size (36+) and a ‘low’ cup size (A-D), chances are you are wearing the wrong size.
  • Just because you’ve been measured at the likes of places such as Mothercare/Debenhams/M&S or even John Lewis, doesn’t mean you are wearing the correct size.
  • A ‘D’ cup can have the same cup volume as a ‘GG’ cup.
  • Symptoms of a poorly fitted bra:
  • Riding up your back
  • 4-boob bulge
  • Neck or back pain
  • You can’t lift your arms without your bra lifting with them (and boobs falling out the bottom!)
  • ‘Armpit fat’
  • Underwire not sitting flush against your chest
  • Straps constantly loosening (and often falling off the shoulder)
  • Straps digging in and leaving marks
  • Underwire digging into your flesh

If any of this sounds familiar, or you haven’t been measured in the last year, it’s time to crack out the measuring tape!

So What Size Am I?

The best way to get measured without leaving the house, is to enter the following into our calculator. From there you are welcome to post your measurements into the Boob Or Bust Facebook group for further assistance. The calculator will require the following:

With clothes and bra off, measure underneath your bust and measure it so tight that you think that the tape might snap. This is your tight measurement

Then do this again, measure tightly but still be able to get two fingers under the back. This is your snug measurement. If you are getting 2.5-3 inches above your tight then you haven’t done either measurement correctly.

Whilst standing, or sitting upright, measure around your body across the fullest part of your bust. If this is the nipples then try not to squash them unless they are very pronounced. This is your standing measurement

Then lean over so that your boobs are dangling at 90 degrees. Measure around the fullest part again. This is your leaning measurement.

This will get your a STARTING SIZE. You might need to try lots of different bra styles and sizes to get the perfect fit – which we can help you with.

Do ask in Boob Or Bust if you have any questions.

Ideally, it’s worth doing both to get the best idea what your bra size is.

Alternatively, Bravissimo or an Independent lingerie specialist are your best bet for a good fit!

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