And our Survey Says

We took a survey of our members to find out how they felt about their new Boob or Bust size, as well as what is on offer on the UK High Street – here is some of what they said :

94% of Women found their band size dropped

Before being sized by Boob or Bust the average cup size was a 36DD. The new average size of the ladies surveyed was a 32GG!

79% of women thought their new size was better than their old

A further 15% of the women surveyed hadn’t tried their size yet!

89% of women surveyed want to be able to buy on the High Street

And on average they would be willing to spend between £20 – £30 on a good fitting bra.

We also asked for some feedback on retailers on the UK High Street.

How did the retailers do?

Almost 60% of those who responded to the question said they had NEVER had a positive bra fitting experience on the UK high street!

The best performing UK retailer was Bravissimo who had successfully helped 30% of the respondents.  Their shops being in limited locations this may account for the smaller than expected number of successful fittings.  They were followed by 15% reporting positive fittings in local independent shops,

Now the bad side!  Only 10% of the women surveyed said they had never had a bad high street experience, although 10% of them stated that is because they had never been to the high street (mainly because their size wasn’t stocked!)

Almost 70% of respondents had a negative fitting experience with Marks and Spencer and over 50% had a bad fitting experience with MothercareDebenhams didn’t fair well either with over 30% having a bad experience.

At time of publication this survey was taken by 1000 women